Over the past several decades, the globalization of the manufacturing ecosystem has driven more change and impacted the prosperity of more companies, nations and people than at any time since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Nations around the world have taken part in and benefited from the rapid globalization of industry and expansion of manufacturing. Globalization of manufacturing has been a key driver of higher-value job creation and a rising standard of living for the growing middle class in emerging nation economies. This has dramatically changed the nature of competition between emerging and developed nations as well as between companies.

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New Orleans science & technology show 2014

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I.P. CAMP (Intellectual Property)

Coming Soon To UNO Campus!

The Underlying Problem of Economic Development

Engines of Economic Growth Executive Summary

LEDA Corporate Brochure

Innovation Imperative

China Report

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LEDA iPBS Program

LEDA iPBS Program


Innovation is crucial. As new technologies are being constantly introduced to the market, speed is essential for remaining competitive in today’s digital era, and new markets have to be pioneered continuously. A recent report by BCG, in conjunction with the National Association of Manufacturers, highlights the interdependence of government and business and the mutual need for innovation leadership.

As a critical driver of growth, competitiveness, and shareholder value, innovation is cited by senior executives around the world as an integral part to their company’s success. But innovation benefits countries, too. Those with thriving industries have higher GDP, a better quality of life, and higher standard of living than their less‐robust peers. LEDA is proud to introduce our Intellectual Property and Business Strategy (iPBS) Program to promote product innovation. The main objectives of this initiative are to focus on (1) the protection and commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in public research organizations and enterprises and (2) the cross‐border IPR.

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Strategic Thinking

We strongly believe Innovation provides a source of competitive advantage. Whether through incremental new developments to a product or a big leap forward, innovation involves the creation, selection and efficient delivery of new ideas to allow companies to outperform their competitors by being the quickest and smartest to grasp new technological opportunities, create unique propositions and deliver compelling new products and services. Complimentary evaluations are available.
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The Global Stage for Science & Technology Innovation

In today’s ultra competitive markets, if a company remains stagnant, it can quickly become obsolete. Consumers have many choices, so it is a constant struggle to maintain relevancy in today’s market. To stay relevant in this ever-changing world, science & technology innovation is essential for remaining competitive in today’s global economy. That’s why we must dedicate ourselves to exceed the needs of our customers through the promotion and acquisition of world-class products and, most importantly, by anticipating their every need. If you have a great idea please contact us.

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Leadership Imperative

The Leadership Imperative is our leadership development program that builds upon each leader’s strengths and creates greater competence in areas needing improvement. This high impact program is customized to meet the specific growth and development needs of each participant. The program is highly interactive, and all materials and activities are designed to produce graduates who will impact their organizations now, and for years to come. To learn more, click here.

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